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Marine Stainless Steel LED Floodlight Fishing Boat

120w SMD Floodlight 12-24v with 304 bracket 9000000234


Unique to AAAWEB, our LED Floodlights are great for illuminating work areas. This new style light has a 304 powder coated stainless steel bracket. The bright white light is very easy to work under without causing eye strain sometimes associated with LED lighting.  Typical areas of use include commercial fishing boats, yards, factories.
  • Our lights do not affect 99% of UHF / VHF / AIS signals. 
  • No UV or IR light radiation - environmentally friendly 
  • Low power consumption – save up to 80% power compared to an incandescent lamp.
  • Manufactured of the highest quality aluminimum to ensure they survive the marine environment.
  • IP65 waterproof rated. 
  • Shell colour grey.
  • CE Marked. 
  • Short length of 3 core cable attached.
  • Can be supplied as 12V or 24V

 Please note the bracket is powder coated not polished stainless steel

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